Monday, May 2, 2011

Warming the Air for Kate

Today we switched it up a little, with all of this high volume and abstract expressionism bouncing off the walls, we decided to have a low key morning so we hired a model and put on some soft music.

Now, this sounds so serene, but honestly I was pretty stressed out before Kate, our model showed up. Up until now I have not said too much about the temperatures that we had been having, but most nights it was getting down to the freezing mark. I kept thinking how long it takes that furnace to heat up the place. Well, hold on, it never did actually heat it up, more like took the biting edge off of the cold. So here we were waiting for Kate to show up so we could ask her to take her clothes off and I was feeling a bit anxious about how cold it was in this place. 

Kate by Royce - Pastel on paper.
 So I placed the lights as close as I could to where she would pose, and for some reason I had brought my kerosene heater from home. With that fired up that corner of our make-shift stage was pretty warm, but I wasn't naked.

When Kate showed up I explained the situation and sort of apologized ahead of time for the cold, but Kate being a real trooper and the consummate professional said that it would not be a problem. I was much relieved after about 15 minutes of drawing, Kate asked if I could turn the heater down a little bit.

Kate on break.
Kate was a  real change up for what we had lined up for the week, and the work that we did while she was there got the attention of a lot of people that came through the rest of our time there. It was really great to be able to show off another side of our artistic beings in that way, since the work we did the rest of the time was so different.

The Aperion Project, the second time around.

That Wednesday night The Aperion Project was set to make their second appearance this time they switched up and played some more experimental and challenging music. This is why we wanted to do this project, because it is so ultimately interesting and satisfying to see the results when things get pushed a little more out of shape than we expect them to.

Tali painting with The Aperion Project.

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