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So far, our method has been to make each post on this blog specific to a particular day, but we are going to change that up a bit right now. While yes, Marbin did come and play on March 17th, St. Patty's Day, directly after The Flabby Hoffman Trio, Marbin was such a complete and utter change up for us and to the evening that we thought we had better make the Marbin portion of the evening its own post.

Now, Marbin came to us via the masterfully artful arrangements of SeƱor Flabby Hoffman, and once again we have to shower our many thanks on to Flabby.

After the first part of the evening with Flabby's band we had to get ourselves together to work with Marbin.

It must have been a little after 10pm when Marbin took the stage. The band is lead by Danny Markovitch and Dani Rabin. They were joined by bassist, Ian Stewart and drummer, Justyn Lawrence.

Switching gears from the eardrum shreading jamming of the Flabby Hoffman Trio to the loud yet, fully sculpted sounds of Marbin was more difficult in theory than it was in reality. Typically that is not usually the case, reality is usually more challenging than theoretical situations. But indeed this was not the case with Marbin.

These guys have chops. Check out their site http://marbinmusic.com/ to hear some samples of their music. Danny and Dani write and arrange all their stuff and when we heard them play and started to paint; well, it was like putting a hand into a well worn glove.

Dani Rabin, guitar and Danny Markovich, sax
The first day we were in this space we stretched a canvas that was 8' X 5.5' . We planned to paint on it, but up until tonight we had only used it as a screen for the projection of our paintings. When Marbin began, we started to paint and within a short period of time Tali came over to me and asked if tonight was the night we should paint on the large canvas that was our screen.  

Tali working big.
I couldn't have agreed more. We were so moved by the sweet and intelligent sounds of this band that we knew we had to do what we had not really ever done before. 

Royce in the paint.
That said we moved our palettes over to the screen and began to paint right on the surface that every one assumed was an expensive projection screen rather than just an expensive canvas.

Tali in her realm.
Moved completely by the moment without any idea as to what would happen next, Tali and I attacked the canvas with color. As it was, this was the first time in years that Tali and I were once again working on the same painting surface at the same time. We have come to figure out over the time we have worked together that this is not such a simple thing to do, but the time and energy was right. The music was taken to such a point as to be able to carry us over that place of anxious fear.

Once the visual statement had been made we stepped away from the canvas without really knowing what had been said. We finished out the set back at our usual places at the table and easel.

Tali's Marbin.
The evening we thought we wouldn't have the where with all to finish turned out to be simply fabulous.

Finally there was one more thing that made us smile. We had been laughing to ourselves that we had without planning hooked up with so many jewish folks, from Eliezar Kaplan and then Sid Yiddish. There was so much going on in our plans for this project that we were not always able to learn as much as we would have liked about everyone we were going to work with so we had no idea that Danny and Dani were both from Israel. As they were packing their van, Tali heard them speaking Hebrew. This was just such a funny way to end a St. Patrick's Day celebration in Chicago of all places.

Layla tov.

©2011 The Colorboration Project is the property of Tali Farchi and Royce Deans. 

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