Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just down to Earth

Today started out with the usual getting things done, hanging and rearranging the art that had be painted last night with Erin Fay and Friends. And then we had workshops.

Paintings to hang.
In the middle of the afternoon we had a group of 30 inner city kids that came to go through one of our painting with music workshops. There little teacher was a ball of energy and was able to keep all these kids in line, but 30 kids is a lot, maybe to much to try and get them all going in the same direction at the same time. But we tried. We had to set up and extra table to make enough room. We did it and in the end the kids had a good time and were appreciative of what we did with them.

Before we could really get too cleaned up Andy DeLaRosa, an artist/sculptor we met a couple of nights before came back with a group of artists to do a workshop. Andy has a studio/gallery called B13 where he facilitates art projects with artists that are either discovering or rediscovering their art or just need the camaraderie of like minded individuals. This session was different because Andy brought materials to make a mural.

Andy DeLaRosa
We started off with our workshop just as we always  do, it is a great way to get everyone loosened up. In the end we were all working on 12 foot canvas that Andy had prepared earlier.

It was interesting to work so spontaneously with another group of artists. We were able to see a whole new dynamic develop. We watched how much respect everyone had for each others marks of paint. Sure lots ended up being covered up, but we had to say that respect was what we observed.

The mural in progress
While the music was blasting and we were still painting the mural, the bands started to load in. That's what I said, 'bands.'

We were expecting The Earth Program, but they brought along another band to open for them. Donoma from Kenosha Wisconsin.

Donoma is Stephanie Vogt on keys guitar and vocals, Brian Sandburg on guitar and Israel Pizar on drums. They played and energetic set of punky sort of tunes that were really fun to paint with. Near the end of their set they played a Cranberries cover they had just worked up. A good time was had by all. Afterwards Israel told us that he had to actually stop watching so intently what we were painting because he found himself forgetting that he was supposed to be playing. LOL!

Donoma with art.
The Earth Program played next and they were just a pure joy to work with because the music they play just seemed to be touching all the right places. Let's be honest, we were getting tired by this time and so to have a band play such that both of us were able to totally reanimate and do some really cool work.

The Earth Program setting up.
Once more I will be brutally honest with you and tell you other than what I just said about the effect of The Earth Program on us physically and artistically, I am at a loss as to how to really describe their music. So I went to their web site, as I suggest you do too.

So I went there and copied this little description of their music in their own words.

Earth Program in flight.
"somewhere beyond the outer twilight...

Initially formied in 2008, The Earth Program is a multimedia cross-genre indie rock band based out of Chicago, IL and the fictional universe of Obbityville.

Describing their sound as "atomic rawk, stoner pop, mama jama, retro spooky, space punk", Earth Program's highly engergetic live performances noteable for stage antics, costumes, and projected visuals have stirred quite a buzz in the local music & art communities over the past few years.

Earth Program's musical & visual asethetic is influenced by bands and elements of retro pop culture, such as: The Beatles, Ramones, Nirvana, Pixies, Arcade Fire, RadioHead, Flaming Lips, Joy Division, Neutral Milk Hotel, Polaris, Pee-Wee's Playhouse, The Twilight Zone, Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & The Adventures of Pete and Pete.

The name, 'Earth Program' is a dialouge reference from the 1964 cult classic, "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians."

INVADE! is the debut album by Earth Program. It was officially released January 29th 2010. INVADE! was self-recorded, produced, released, and distributed by the band through their home based D.I.Y. label, Tastee Records. "

Earth Program is currently composed of:

Christopher Mondo - vocals/guitar
Shannon Candy - vocals/guitar/bass
Mister Bibbles - vocals/bass/synth
Michael Signal - vocals/drums/percussion

The Earth Program is a class act. They know their craft and they are having a great time doing it. The night was inspiring to all and as their van drove away, we each said that some day it will be great to work with them again.

©2011 The Colorboration Project is the property of Tali Farchi and Royce Deans.

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