Monday, May 16, 2011

Erin Fay and Friends

So what went down next? It's Monday and we were heading down the homestretch with mixed emotions. Sad that we were starting to be able to see that there was going to have to be an end to this project, happy that there was so much to look forward to and absolutely worn out from what we had done so far. Through all that the inspiration and drive was at an all time high.

It was this morning that we took the postcards we made up at Kinko's so that we could send our postcards out to those that supported us through Kickstarter, as we had promised. Again we want to thank all those that supported us, we really could not have done this without your help. Thanks again.

We decided on having our next band of musicians on this day so that we could give them a full weekend to unwind from a week of mid-term exams. Tonight brought us Erin Fay and Friends. They are a group that has found themselves all at Colombia College studying music.  The group is made up of Mike Campo on drums, Justin Canaran on guitar, Zach McIntire on bass, and Erin Fay on keyboards.

Zach McIntire with Erin Fay in the background.
Finding Erin was perhaps the most interesting of all the musicians we worked with. Erin is the daughter of someone that went to high school with me way back when, and when she read on Facebook about The Colorboration Project, she immediately got a hold of me and said that Erin would love to do it. After a few text messages and voice mails later we finally talked and  figured out what we would do.

Mike Campo
From the minute this band walked in the door their youthful enthusiasm melded with the already room full of creativity. As the evening many of their friends streamed in and basically the night turned into  real happening in the best since.

Tali under the lights and under the influence of the music.
They played three sets. Two very smart jam band sort of sets with a set of solo piano where Erin played Beethoven Sonatas. First of all it goes without saying that if these kids were good enough to get into Columbia that they know how to play their instruments.  It was truly fun as it could be as we mixed our age and experience with their youthful exuberance.

And the paint went on.
The music was fun and loud and went on and on, during a pause in the action about 1am I went and asked Erin what she thought about much longer they wanted to play. This is the thing when you tell musicians that there are no rules and you can play as long as you like. Well, she said they would like to play one more song, and I guess it was 2am before the last drum and amp rolled off the stage.

...and the band played on.
What a night!

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