Wednesday, July 20, 2011

About Our Next Project...

You all have been hearing us talk about our ArtPrize Jukebox project and our Kickstarter campaign  for probably 2 months now. In about 60 days we will be in Grand Rapids, Michigan for ArtPrize 2011. This is the world's largest artprize competition with a first prize of $250,000, and the winners are chosen by the voting public. Tali and I were one of the first artists this year to secure a venue which insured us a place in this year's competition. Not all artists that register for ArtPrize are so lucky.

Our vote ArtPrize getting flier.

Our project for ArtPrize is going to be very special for everyone involved, and our ArtPrize Jukebox will invite everyone to participate and to truly be part of the art. Music always plays  a large part in the projects we do. Just like a real jukebox those that come to visit our ArtPrize venue will be able to choose the music they hear. The music they hear will be the music that we paint with.

Those that come to see us need to bring their iPod, mp3 player or CD's of their favorite music. In this way those musical choices will become part of the art as the songs inspire our paintings. The musical input will be documented so that it can be permanently displayed with the painting. The person's name that suggested the song will also be included.

Collaboration has been the basis of the work we have done together from the beginning. Collaborating with musicians is always exciting, and now we are really looking forward to having this very personal interaction with the public as we ask them to provide their favorite music as inspiration for our paintings.

We realize that not all of you will be able to be in Grand Rapids this September to visit us at ArtPrize. We have as part of our Kickstarter campaign a way for you to be involved and to have your musical choices become inspiration, no matter where you live on the planet. Kickstarter is a really fun way to be a part of the art.

We always are are pushing the envelope and we will be pushing our limits as we will be in our venue/art studio working for 12 hours a day. We will be creating between 50 and 70 paintings in this time that will be shown and exhibit during the two weeks of ArtPrize in Steepletown Center in the Westide neighborhood of Grand Rapids. come and join the fun!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Berlin Activity

Here is a few of the images from Tali's visit to Berlin for the Kaleidoscope Berlin-Chicago, Connecting Cultures Event.

There are many more photos that can be seen here, Link.  But here are how the space where she made her presentation about our Colorboration Project Chicago shaped up.

The raw attic space in Berlin.

Tali installing.

Tali draws and paints where ever she goes.

Tali's portraits...

Plein aire painting in Berlin

Alpha Bruton Phantom Gallery Chicago curator in Berlin.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Colorboration Chicago Video


This video was edited by Tali and her husband Ruud, from the stills shot during our Colorboration Project - Chicago in March 2011 and video shot by Alpha Bruton, the chief curator of the Phantom Gallery, Chicago Network. 

This clip was part of Tali's presentation during Kaleidoscope Berlin-Chicago, Connecting Cultures in July, 2011.

It is a very nice recap of the project.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Traveling from Zwolle to Berlin by train only takes seven hours… That is almost a short trip compared to the time it takes to fly to Chicago on a plane. And travel to Berlin this last week is exactly what Tali did.  While we were in Chicago Alpha Bruton, The Phantom Gallery Chief Curator, introduced us to Marianna Buchwald who had organized with the German photographer, Ina Lunkenheimer an event/symposim called Berlin-Chicago Kaleidoscope, Connecting Cultures.

Through Alpha Tali and I were invited to be in Berlin to present a report along with our art and Alpha's documentation to artists and visitors alike.

With the birth of a new grandson, Royce was unable to go to Berlin, but Tali loaded up her suitcases with multi-media stuff and her big black portfolio and headed off to Ina's Lunkenheimer's Gallery in Pankow, Berlin, Germany.

Tali presented a report of what we did with our Colorboration Project - Chicago in March, as well as a video made up of still images and video that was shot during project in Logan Square. Tali was give a lovely little raw space in the attic that actually resembled in many ways a miniature version of what we had in 2515 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Tali's space in Berlin, it looks like Chicago doesn't it?
Artwork from a few of our projects were on display in this unique space plus some of the marvelously charming painted bags that Tali has been producing. (Those bags are available for sale by the way as well as a reward with our current Kickstarter program) Check out our latest Kickstarter.

Along with with Tali, other artists from Chicago were on hand. Sculptor Alan Emerson Hicks, and Pioter  Wolodkowicz were there to present their work as well.  The work of Hans -Ulrich Buchwald (Marinanna's father), Gabriel Patti, Kathryn Gauthiers and Alpha Burton were on display.

There was in the end a great exchange of cultures and art. Every one mingled and were given tours of Berlin and it's museums and galleries.

Tali and Alpha and the reception.
It was a really great opportunity that Tali had to be a part of this group and event, we hope that there will be many more like it and that we can continue to be a part of such a vibrant group.