Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kickstarter is for everyone!

As you know collaboration is truly at the core of each of our projects. It is how we work. Our work from the very start has been that of collaboration. And we have always thrived on the input of others to our work, musicians and dancers have historically been the the most obvious contributors to the creative energy. But whenever we look back on any of our projects we can't help but comment on how much the audience and those that we have met in the process have also given us so much to build on.

Our next project, ArtPrize Jukebox, that will be our entry in ArtPrize 2011 in Grand Rapids, Michigan will take that concept of inviting the visiting public to provide inspiration for us. Since we will not be having live musicians in our space this time, we are asking everyone that comes to our space in Grand Rapids to bring their iPod or MP3 player and plug in and choose a song to play while we paint. In this way we will get inspiration from the music you choose.

We invite everyone that can to come visit us, but we realize that not everyone can necessarily make it all the way to the Steepletown neighborhood of Grand Rapids. 

It is an incredible amount of work to arrange such an undertaking and when you consider materials and traveling expenses, financially it is a lot to arrange as well. Last February we used Kickstarter dot com to help raise funds for our Colorboration Project Chicago. We found it was a fun and easy way to involve a lot of people in the project, many of which did not live nearby. Through Kickstarter we are provided a way to offer rewards to those that help us out. 

Since the Colorboration Project worked so well and the response we got from those that got involved through Kickstarter had such a good experience that we have launched another Kickstarter campaign for our ArtPrize Jukebox.

Please go to to see how we have designed ways for you to collaborate with us and truly be a part of the art no matter where you live.

If you can make it to see us in person, we would love it, we hope you can make it. If you can be a part through Kickstarter, it will be really fabulous. 

Thanks a million,
Tali and Royce

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