Friday, June 3, 2011

Colorboration Chicago Thank You Page

To everyone that supported The Colorboration Project - Chicago in so many ways. We really appreciate everyone that came out to and we hope that you were glad you did.
Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!

Alpha Bruton/Phantom Gallery Chicago link
Curating from near and far.
Cara Dehenert Huffman/ I AM Logan Square link
Facilitated in ways that were most helpful.
Mark Fishman
The man with the goods on 2515.
Genesis Art Supply/ link
Phil Faro made sure we never ran out of paint.
Nora/Lynn/Jack/Artists and Display link
A classy act in Milwaukee that got us off to a great start.
Kate and Steve Strong Family link
Never complained about all the early morning arrivings.
Gabe Patti FB link
Stage building, PA, Curatorial Duties, Reeds.
Natasha Casanova link
Art Collector, I AM Logan Square
Bill and Karen Berenson
Great dinner, great company, and the best pen pal ever.
Bill Hill FB link
Murphy Hill Gallery
Barbara Faro/Strathmore Paper 
The best watercolor paper.
Andy DeLaRosa
Unending compassion, generosity and creativity.
Flabby Hoffman FB link
Musical Hook-ups Par Excellance!
Marc Gee FB link
Keyboardist with the mostest! and more.
Eric Ricks
Art Collector and supporter since day one.

Margaret Larkin link
Blogger, interesting conversations and dodger of bullets. 

Tracy Kostenbader link 
Project cheerleader.

Angela Saxon link
Lights, light stands, boundless encouragement.
New Wave Coffee link
Bathrooms and internet.
Discount Mega Mall
Bathrooms and holidays south of the border without checking passports.

Tamale Cart Lady
Tamales Rojo y verde, taeem meod! 

Dan Godston link 

Nancy Zook 
Teacher with hope.

Brooke Herbert link

Cate Baker
Modeling professional.

Lindsey Lyons-Fay
Mother behind the talent of a new generation. 

Paul Yoggerst link
The guitarist that paints and came back for more.

Tabitha Cooper
Taker of photos. 

Sheboom link
The first ladies of percussion. 

The Aperion Project
The lead off men.

Eliezar Kaplan link
the gHOST project.
Jim Cooper link
Vibrophonic friend.
Mike Felton link
Paints portraits with his lyrics.
Scott Richardson link
Marbin link
Dani ve Danny - astounding.
Sid Yiddish FB link
Oy vah Voy!
Erin Fay
Let's stay up all night again sometime.
The Earth Program link
Enthusiasm goes a long way.
Domoma link
Surprises do happen.
Craig's List link
Life saver. link
What a great idea!

Thanks again and again to everyone that supported us with
Marie Schiettecatte
Barrie Ripin
Taffy Hutchison
Sarah Elizabeth Foley
Angela Josephine
Elise Maxey
Joshua Krause
Sascha and Cora Tamarinof
Hila Zewi
Clarissa Harwell
James Gartner
Daniel Gilbert
Nelson Carvajal
Jackie Qwynne
Christine Altese
Nancy Filichia
John O'Neill
Lindsey Lyons-Fay
Reiko Lewis
Joelie Hicks
Chris and Vita Morse
Van Der Wouden Family

Robert Martinek
Jon Godston

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