Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ArtPrize 2011 is Next!

Now for the news you have all be waiting for.

We have been talking about what will be next for about a month now. We were pretty sure that it would be as we had hoped, but we really needed to wait until the contracts were signed. Now we announce that our next project will be in September of 2011 in Grand Rapids, Michigan for ArtPrize.

ArtPrize is the world's largest art prize competition with some enormous prizes. First place is $250,000; second is $100,000; and third is $50,000. It is a big deal with close to 1800 artists competing for the prize. The competition will be tough and quite honestly it will be an exercise in marketing as well as it will be an art project.

Never the less, we are very excited about it. We will be in the Steepletown Center, sponsored by Steepletown Neighborhood Services. Our studio will be set up as a coffee shop that people can come in and have a cup as they watch us work to the music that they will provide from the playlists of their iPods.

This will be a big undertaking to pull this one off and for starters we are have launched another Kickstarter campaign. Our goal is to raise $950 by the end of August to fund the purchase of our art supplies and materials for our wooden panels. We will be painting over the course of the first week of the event sixty-eight 4' X 4' paintings.

This is the video we made to accompany the Kickstarter campaign. Please go to our ArtPrize page to see more details.

We have made up some really fun rewards this time around that make it real easy for everyone to participate on all kinds of levels.

We are truly appreciative of any support and help, but most of all, we would love to see you in Grand Rapids next September.  If you wont be able to be there stay tuned for a "Ustream" link that you can watch the action as it happens on line and in real-time!!


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