Friday, November 11, 2011

ArtPrize 2011

As most of you know already we had the great fortune of being a part of the world's largest art prize competition during ArtPrize 2011 in Grand Rapids, Michigan in the end of September  through October 9th. We had a wonderful venue outside of the crowded city center in the Westside neighborhood of Steepletown. 

Steepletown Neighborhood Service hosted us and gave us a really incredible space to work in and  all the corridors to display the 50 paintings we did while we were there. We were there 18 days and literally were painting 10 - 12 hours each day.

It was an incredible amount of work and it took an amazing amount of energy to be on for such a long period of time, but it was so worth it. We met so many great people, had some really meaningful conversations. We sold some art, that is a good thing. We have at least one hundred and one stories to tell so now that we are back to our respective homes and studio, and the dust as mostly settled, and there are only a few more boxes to unpack we will start to report some specifics of what went on in Grand Rapids while we were there.

So stay tuned and you can continue to be part of the art.

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