Monday, November 21, 2011

Angela Josephine & Our ArtPrize Jukebox

September 25th was a special day for us as singer/songwriter Angela Josephine joined us from Traverse City. Our Jukebox project was designed so that we would paint to the music that visitors brought to us on their iPods. This worked quite well most of the time, but we did have some really incredible moments as we were accompanied many times by musicians and singers that offered to play live with us. Whenever we were fortunate enough to have the music created live in our studio everyone involved had a marvelous time.

Angela contacted us earlier in the week and asked if she could come down Sunday afternoon and play some of her new songs for us that she had written for her upcoming and soon to be released album.

As Thanksgiving Day is coming up this week, among other things we are grateful for, would like to send a big thanks to Angela for being such a vibrant part of our collaboration.

This video features parts of two of her songs, That's How You Love Me and Ordinary Ways

Check out Angela Josephine's Web Site.

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