Thursday, August 25, 2011

CoasterPrize Announced!

As you all know by now we are participating in ArtPrize 2011 in Grand Rapids, Michigan from 21 September to 9 October. Our official ArtPrize Page Link.

Never being satisfied with doing things just like everyone else we could not resist attempting to make our project just a little bit more... Thus we now have CoasterPrize!

We figured since we are in the world's largest art prize competition with our Jukebox Project and are counting on the collaborative input of the public so heavily to supply us with music from their MP3 players, we felt it was only appropriate to give our visitors a competitive opportunity simliar to ours.

Since our venue is going to be set up to have a bit of a coffee shop atmosphere, coasters seemed like one of those things that HAD to be. In fact we have hand painted original coasters as one of our rewards in our Kickstarter campaign. 

It's a crazy idea, but initially we thought; have people draw on coasters and the one we thought was best would win one of our large four foot square paintings. Yeah, that is crazy. Fun and crazy. But over last weekend the idea grew to not only include prizes for first, second and third, but also a children's category with its own set of prizes.

Go to our special CoasterPrize page on our website to see the details.

No purchase or vote is necessary to participate in CoasterPrize, but you do have to come to our Steepletown venue to get your coaster to decorate. It is just one more way that you can be part of the fun. We love it when everyone is involved.

Feel free to contact us about ArtPrize Jukebox, we hope to see as many of you there as possible.

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