Monday, August 8, 2011

All the L5 Paintings on Display in Zwolle

Spring of 2010 during Zwart Festival in Zwolle, The Netherlands, we presented L5(live), a production that brought together live painting, dance and music on stage to tell an original story of a search and discovery.  

For L5,  Tali and I were painting the scenery live during each performance of the play. Over the course of the festival we did 14 shows and in the end had 26 individual and unique paintings, 14 of which were chosen to remain as an exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum Zwolle. 

This last week the entire collection of paintings were installed in Isala Klinieken - Wezenlanden, Zwolle.


Each one these painting are acrylic and charcoal on cradled wooden panels that are 4' X 4' (120 X 120cm). The music in the video is I Belong to You by Muse, a song used during the Stars portion of L5(live).

L5 Cast:
Benno Hübner, The Dancer
Tali Farchi, Artist
Royce Deans, Artist
Tamme de Boer, The DJ

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