Saturday, April 23, 2011

Let's Go to Milwaukee Again

The first part of this adventure was not actually officially "The Colorboration Project-Chicago." Maybe that is obvious since we weren't in Chicago. No, we were in Milwaukee, hometown to the Brewers, the Bucks, Laverne and Shirley and Happy Days, and we must not forget Golda Meir.

Artists and Display in-store promo for Tali and Royce's Arumim.
Our day started off with loading equipment in to the art room at Artists and Display at 9015 West Burliegh St, Milwaukee, WI 414.442.9100. We were greeted by Nora, Lynn, Jack and of course Erica the Artdog.

Royce just arrived at Artists and Design
We set up our table and light bridge just as we have done so many times before. It was really great to know that building up like this only means one thing, and that is that we are about to start making some art. We got everything in place and it was almost surprising since the last time we assembled this particular rig was actually one year earlier when we were in Milwaukee with Wilbert de Joode. In fact it was at that show at Sugar Maple thanks to Strathmore Paper rep Barb Faro that we met for the first time the fine folks from Artists and Display.

By 7pm the room was full and Tali and I along with Milwaukee local musicians Matthew Riebe and Tony Smith began to do what we do best. It was really wonderful to be there working so  in the moment. It had been since October 2011 that Tali and I had worked this way at the Bat-Yam Street Festival in Israel. It felt really good just like we knew it would.

Tony and Matt  along with Tali's painted version.
Matt and Tony are singers as well as  guitarists, so it was very interesting to see how  working with them really shaped what our paintings became, in large part due to the lyrics. It is funny how unavoidable it is at times. They had a really nice sound and I particularly liked the cover they did of Led Zeppelin's Going to California.

Tali and I have had some moments in the time that we have worked together where we have thought and said the same thing about something and at times we have even draw such similar things as to be almost frightening. But this night was the topper of all toppers. As the images reveal Tali and I unbeknownst to each other drew the same picture in the most uncanny way. Neither one of us had any idea until Tali slid the video fader over to my camera which revealed what each of us were painting.

Royce and Tali's barn surprise.
At the end of the evening we were very happy with our paintings, the crowd was great and we were off to another great start.

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