Saturday, April 23, 2011

Workshops at Artist's and Display in Milwaukee

Day three was also spent in Milwaukee's premier art supply  store, Artists and Display.

Artist's and Display's classic signage
 Today was workshop day, Nora had arranged for two full workshop sessions of our Painting with Music Workshop. Tali designed this workshop with artists and non-artists in mind. She has a collection of music selected to inspire and activate, that ranges from classical to hip-hip and almost everything in between. The participants start by working with oil pastels as if they were conducting an orchestra, Tali guides them through many activities and ways to think about making marks on the paper. Materials change from pastels to watercolors till finally the workshop climaxes with a most energetic finger painting session. 
Painting with Music fun.
Nora not missing the opportunity.
These workshops were different than any others we have ever done. It just worked out that in the end every one in the workshop got to come up two by two and work on our work table under the cameras and lights. It was really so magically to see how everyone stepped up to the challenge and really made some wonderful art as their workshop colleagues watched on waiting their turn.

There were all ages that participated in these workshops, from pre-teens to some people that were much more experienced with life. There was one conversation I overheard between Nora and a woman that is pretty much tethered to an oxygen canister, she said, "Nora, I can breathe now!"

We are not saying that art cures all ills, but we know that it does open people up.

As we left Milwaukee, packing the Yukon and strapping what gear we had to on the roof rack it was very cold, but we got on the road heading back to Chicago with a very warm feeling  as we said so long to some truly wonderful friends at Artists and Display. Thanks so much to Nora, Lynn and Jack.

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